2019/20 Proposed Schedule

Dominique School of Dance offers classes for the recreational student and for the serious dancer who is working towards a professional career in Dance.

Classes begin September 9, 2019

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***Please note that these are only approximate
recommendation. Experience is also a major factor in class placements. All final placements will be at the descretion of the staff at Dominique’s School of Dance.

Classes marked in purple* are considered Invite Only. This is because they require added commitment for dance exams, festival performances and/or have very specific pre-requisite requirements. If you believe your child would be interested in one or more of these *classes, do not hesitate to ask us for information.

Ballet – Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)        

The examinable ballet curriculum taught at Dominique’s School of Dance follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) method. Established in 1935, the Royal Academy is an international organization of graded ballet syllabi designed to meet the needs of young people of all ages who would like to study classical ballet.

Ballet Recreational – One ballet class per week. The student may wear any style solid coloured body suit, ballet pink ballet tights and  ballet slippers. Hair MUST be tied up off the face and neck in a ballet bun.

Ballet Focus – Two ballet classes of the same grade per week. This program is for the family that would like their child to participate in the Royal Academy of Dance examination process. Please follow dress requirements for examination.

Progressive Ballet Technique


Progressive Ballet Technique, also known as ball training, is an innovative program that will assist students in understanding the depth of training muscle memory in order to achieve their personal best in classical ballet and any dance training.
Originally developed in Australia at The National College of Dance byMarie Walton-Mahon Dance.   We strongly believe in this added training technique as it is the perfect fit for our passionate belief in SAFE DANCE TRAINING.


TAP & Modern – Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)  

The ISTD created their syllabus in 1932 and are continually changing and updating their syllabus. The ISTD is an internationally recognized dance examining organization that gives dancers the opportunity to progress through a Tap & Modern syllabus starting at a young age all the way to a professional teaching qualification! Tap & Modern students at Dominique’s School of Dance will have the option of taking ISTD exams. Ballet, Modern or Contemporary classes are recommended for Tap students as they benefit Tap dancers by strengthening their posture & musicality. All of our ISTD classes are exam classes.

Acrobatic Arts

Developed by a successful studio owner and acrobatics teacher with decades of experience, the Acrobatic Arts syllabus  is designed to promote excellence in tumbling, flexibility, strength, balance, contortion and partner/group stunting for dancers.

BC High School Credits

The BC Government offers students high school credits in Grade 11 and 12 for passing Royal Academy of Ballet and or  ISTD exams.